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SilverTouch can copy edit, proofread, and offer formatting advice for your material.  Our services are grouped in two primary categories: Basic Proofreading and Comprehensive Editing.  These services are described in more detail below.

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Basic Proofreading services are designed for proficient writers who need a fresh set of eyes to ensure their work is free of basic grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. While this service does not include content editing, we will flag any issues we find that significantly hamper understanding.

Comprehensive Editing involves proofreading for grammatical errors, formatting, and editing for clarity and content. Although we will not tamper with the substance of your content, we will raise queries and make suggestions where the intended meaning is unclear or where an idea can be expounded upon to greater effect. Back-and-forth communication between our team and the client may be required to fine tune the language and meaning.

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