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Author Services

Writing is an arduous process, and writers at any level need outside input to sharpen their language and provide notes. Our editing team includes published authors and MFA graduates who are passionate author advocates. Whether you need a simple proofread to ensure error-free text, or a more in-depth editing and review to help pinpoint weaknesses, we are here to support you so that you can focus on the creative process.

Pricing & Turnaround: At SilverTouch, we believe in tailored service to meet your unique needs. Please send us your resume or other job search documents through the submission form at the bottom of the page for a quick and free assessment including pricing and turnaround information.

Proofreading Creative Work

Close proofread of your creative writing with our 2-editor process to ensure proper grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and sentence-level clarity. We will track our changes and provide a clean copy with all changes incorporated as well as the tracked-changes copy so you can see all edits made and any additional notes or insights.


Comprehensive Editing of Creative Work

Comprehensive copyedit of your creative writing, which includes full proofreading service plus:

  • Formatting for consistency and “skimmability”

  • Clarity at the paragraph/section level

  • Tone and audience appropriateness

  • Narrative notes

What can I submit?

Manuscripts, novels, stories, poems, screenplays, articles - we can help ensure that your creative work is error-free and impeccable. In other words, ready for submission!

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