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Let’s eat Grandpa.
Let’s eat, Grandpa.

Sometimes punctuation is a life or death matter.

The SilverTouch team is unique


Our experienced team of editors is composed of native English speakers with university degrees in English and the Humanities and an average of 10 years of experience in professional writing and editing.

SilverTouch copy editors work in pairs so that your document is always reviewed by at least two professionals to ensure superior quality control.

Unlike most editing services, we won’t outsource your material to underpaid, overworked freelancers. Instead, our cohesive team works in-house for all of our collaborations.

The SilverTouch team boasts advanced knowledge in a myriad of academic disciplines and industries which enhances the support we provide to job seekers, students, business professionals, authors, academics, and many others. 

We regularly work with all manner of documents including resumes, creative writing, legal documents, translated texts, business proposals, theses, essays, and forms.  

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Why hire a professional editing service?

It’s difficult to proofread and edit your own work. Simply put, you are too close to the material and likely to overlook minor errors, embarrassing mistakes, and confusing sentences.


At SilverTouch, we have the expertise, eagle eyes, and objectivity to ensure flawless, polished content that you can be confident about.

Even highly skilled journalists and authors need editors to review their work, and SilverTouch will serve as your partner in finalizing your writing to ensure the highest level of professionalism. With our two-editor process, any and all typos, grammatical errors, and syntax issues are identified and fixed.


Put your best work forward with a little help from our team composed entirely of native English speakers and professional writers matched to meet your needs across business, creative, student, and personal writing endeavors.

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